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Photography Galleries

click to see a selection of sally’s photographs from each decade

2020 and Beyond Gallery

Wildlife, documentary, candid, pictorial… View Gallery

In Total Lockdown Gallery:
March – May 2020

Coronovirus projects in the UK, US and globally; SheClicks, Brooklyn Sketchbook, USA Juried Exhibition…
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2010 – 2019 Gallery

The With Photography® Series of Books.
Documentary, conceptual, candid, pictorial…
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2000 – 2009 Gallery

Visual Metaphors, conceptual, Phototherapy, candid, documentary, pictorial, projects…
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1990 – 1999 Gallery

Advertising and promotions for Greenwood Exhibitions, renovation projects…
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1980 – 1989 Gallery

Black and white, documentary, portrait, sporting, religious, competitions…
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1970 -1979 Gallery

Adolescence and into adulthood – travel, education, projects…
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1963 – 1969 Gallery

Camera obscura, staying in the moment, distracting from the moment, observing…
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Archival Photography Gallery

Images in the 19th and 20th centuries; WWI and WWII, Changi, Kwai; making family connections…
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