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the with photography® series

Ryvita Life With Photography®

The lives of others whether it be on the street or, in this case, in a factory, is a fascination, as is industrial photography.

I grasped an opportunity to combine it all in the creation of Ryvita Life, after a chance meeting with the Site General Manager in 2015. 

The factory is based in Poole, Dorset, very near to where I now live. The original factory in Birmingham was bombed during the 2nd World War.

Combining the worlds of manufacturing and photography in a contemporary way was a challenge. The circumstances and environment varied as much as the decisive moments I wanted to capture and they were often far apart — the site is vast. Life at the factory just carried on around me and there wasn’t a lot of time for deliberation!

The result is a fascinating photographic documentary of a highly successful UK business that is steeped in history yet continues to innovate in a highly competitive market.

isbn: 978-0-9928407-3-0 (Paperback)

Ryvita Life - With Photography Book Jacket