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With Photography® series – background to the first edition

With Photography® — not just an autobiography

Sally is a visual storyteller who started to write ‘With Photography® — not just an autobiography’ in 2008.

She uses her own photographs taken since the early sixties along with those of her father, grandfather and great-grandfather and other noteworthy contributors going back to the end of the 19th century, before the Kodak revolution that brought photography to the masses.  

Second Edition is due out in 2021


This flagship book of the ‘With Photography®’ series is Sally’s life’s work. This page explains more about the project and includes videos from the original KickStarter Project.

WithPhotography First Edition by Sally Hedges Greenwood Book Cover

Background to the First Edition and the KickStarter Project

I am just one representative of those who started taking photographs in the pre-digital age; an unknown, but I have written a book that could be classed as a retrospective; speaking the thousands of words that photographs normally silently contain and covering different aspects over several lifetimes.

Photography may have its roots in the times of the Ancient Greeks and Chinese, but we only found ways to fix images onto a surface relatively recently in generational terms.

It became of great importance for me to chart photography’s story from the point of view of someone living With the medium…


page spread from With Photography - Not Just An Autobiography
Second page spread from With Photography - Not Just An Autobiography